The Squared

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Join the adventure in The Squared

The Squared is an amusing running game with a square. Your mission is to jump over many hazardous obstacles to run the longest distance with high scores.

The characters in this game and the game Geometry Dash Asterose are quite similar. They are cute squares. You will control your character to explore this exciting adventure. Firstly, your character can slide automatically on the track. So you don't need to adjust your character's speed. Your operations also become more minimalist. Next, you must jump over the obstacles on the track. They are sharp, serrated spikes, etc. They are arranged next to each other. As a result, your character's life is put at high risk. You have to use your amazing skills to overcome them. Try not to collide with any of these obstacles. Finally, you need to collect the gold coins on the track. Your score will correspond to the distance you travel and the amount of your coins. You will have an impressive score if you do not miss any coins.

Navigate the character

The way to control the character is quite easy. You just need to use the mouse to help your character jump. If you double-click, your character can jump higher and farther. You also need to be careful when jumping because there are some obstacles placed above. They can trap you at any time. You should practice many times to become a master. Then, you can conquer the track easily.

Some traits of The Squared

The graphics and sounds

The game has eye-catching graphics. Sharp and colorful images. It will captivate you from the very first play. You won't be able to stop playing this game. Let's immerse yourself in the game to relieve stress. Moreover, the soft sound makes you feel comfortable. These soothing sounds make the run more enjoyable.

The endless track

limited when playing the game. You can conquer this track if you are skillful and talented enough. Don't let obstacles get in your way. This track is designed to keep you entertained. Why don't you join it now?