Uphill Racing 2

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The overview of Uphill Racing 2

The gameplay

Uphill Racing 2 offers a thrilling race track where you can test your skills. You must control your vehicle to conquer the track and collect many coins.

Have you ever driven on a bumpy road? If you are passionate about exploration and adventure, you should not miss this game. In the game, you will control a car to conquer this bumpy road. You have to do your best not to get flipped up. When your car is overturned, you will not be able to proceed. As a result, the game is over. Are you a great driver? Will you complete the endless track?

In addition, you also need to collect the fuel to go further. Your fuel is limited. You can see the bar in the top left corner of the screen to check your remaining fuel. You must collect the fuel on the track before your car runs out of fuel.

What's more, on the track, there are a lot of gold coins. You can collect them to boost your car. If you have a lot of gold coins, you can buy items to make your car better. You can also earn more coins if you conquer long distances. Good luck. After finishing the game, you can try joining another race in Geometry Dash World.

Controls in the game

To control your car, you will use the arrow keys to control. You can use the right arrow key to accelerate the car. In contrast, you can decelerate if you press the left arrow key. In addition, you can use the left mouse button if it is convenient. Click on the icons on the screen to navigate the vehicle. You must be flexible when controlling unless your car will be flipped over.

Some highlights of Uphill Racing 2

Some upgrades

Fuel, Engine, Tires, and Stability are the upgrades available to you. You can use your gold coins to buy them. After each purchase, the price of upgrades will increase. You can get more fuel to go far if you choose Fuel. In addition, you do not miss the Engine and Tires for your car to run well on bumpy roads. Finally, Stability is so good.

Some tracks

To make the game more exciting, you can unlock some tracks, such as Plain, Hillock, Desert, Arctic, and Hills. To unlock them you need more gold coins. So, you need to accumulate them through each turn. Try to go further to get more gold coins. You will have the opportunity to conquer great race tracks. The scenes are also changed.