Temple of Boom

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Some intense battles in Temple of Boom

Temple of Boom offers a fierce battle in the ancient temple. You need to shoot down your opponents to become the last to stay on the playing field.

The ancient temple is a place where many strange things appear. If you love discovering new things and participating in fierce battles, this game is released for you.

In the game, you will transform into a small green monster. You are armed with a state-of-the-art gun. You will use it like a professional shooter to join this dangerous gunfight. You need to move quickly between platforms. You can jump higher platforms to take down your opponents.

However, keep in mind that your opponents also have weapons. It can destroy you at any time. You need to be careful not to die. You can jump up or switch to other platforms in the temple to dodge. You can see your remaining energy vid the bar in the top left corner of the screen. Geometry Dash Lite can also help you train your skills before you join this intensive battle. You can try playing it.

How to control

Player 1

The up arrow key to jump or double jump

The left/ right arrow keys to move.

The down arrow key to pick weapons.

Z to shoot.

X to switch weapons.

Player 2

W to jump or double jump

A/ D to move.

S to pick weapons.

K to shoot.

L to switch weapons.

Some game modes in Temple of Boom


The game has two attractive game modes. In the first mode, you will compete with other opponents controlled by the computer. The number of your opponents will increase after each temple. You need to have a smart strategy to be able to win. The first mode also has two types of matches. You can join Campin to be able to fight in high-pressure environments. The Endless battle allows you to train your abilities. Both matches have distinct characteristics. You can join both for more interesting experiences.

Two players

You can invite one of your friends to join this mode. You two will control your character on the same device. You will compete fairly to become the winner. This mode is so exciting. It also helps you to bond the relationship. So, let's join it now.