Geometry Dash Asterose

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Explore asteroid in this game

Geometry Dash Asterose will take you to outer space where there is a splendid asteroid. A cube tries to overcome many difficulties to escape from this place.

You always think of asteroids as a boring and unpretentious place. This game will give you a different view of asteroids. This game is designed by Goose and is modeled from the game Geometry Dash Unblocked. You will be dazzled by the neon lights from this asteroid. All platforms or obstacles are designed with neon colors. They stand out against the dark background in this game. Sometimes the flickering light makes you feel like you're watching fireworks. The effects in this game will also make it difficult for you to see your cube. With keen eyes, hopefully, you can see all the obstacles.

Steps to pass the game Geometry Dash Asterose

You just need to make sure to complete the following steps, you will beat this difficult game. If you are still not familiar with the manipulations, try to practice a lot. This game is suitable for players of all ages, including children.

Jump over all dangers

You will not have weapons to destroy the obstacles on the way. So you can just avoid them. Click the left mouse button to jump up. Sometimes the distance from one position to another is so far that you can jump on the circle pegs. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the bouncing force of the springs to jump further. This is probably a very important step in this game. Please ensure the accuracy of each jump. Jumping too early or too late will cause your cube to run into danger. The exact timing is what I can suggest for you to succeed in this step.

Flying in mid-air

When your cube drives the UFO, you will also have to control it in the air. Are you a professional driver? This UFO will fall down immediately if you do not click to keep it in the air. However, if the mouse is clicked for too long, the UFO will also crash into the ceiling. You have to adjust the force accordingly to click properly. Remember to press and release the mouse effectively!

Why you should play Geometry Dash Asterose

Do you wonder why this game is the perfect choice for you? The game will be simple at the start and you can get used to the speed of the game. You will then improve your agility through stages. In addition, the graphics are also very eye-catching and will keep you from getting bored. Vivid sound combined with great sound effects will bring thrill to players. Therefore, you should not turn off the sound when playing. You can see how many jumps you have done after completing the stage through the end-game dashboard.

Simple control

  • You can click the left mouse button to play this game
  • Use the L key to toggle effects (to reduce lag)
  • Use the B key to toggle background (to reduce lag).