Geometry Dash Subzero

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Geometry Dash Subzero is considered a difficult game and is famous in the world. The traps appear constantly and you don't even have time to think carefully.

You will be no stranger to this game if you love geometric speed games. Run, fly or jump to survive. At any rate, your geometry must reach its destination safely. There are many people who have spent all day to pass a level of this game. To be able to win, you need to analyze the difficulties you face and the skills needed in this game.

The challenges you face in Geometry Dash Subzero

There are many dangers that your little geometry must overcome. You need to know them and how to overcome them. Here, I highlight only a few of the difficulties that stand out in this version.

Chasing Monsters

There will be no monsters chasing you in Geometry Dash Unblocked but this game does. It is a giant skull. It uses its large mouth to swallow your character. Sometimes you see it right behind your geometry. Do not worry! If you keep moving forward, it won't be able to attack you. So, don't hit anything on the way.

Zigzag pipes

As your character flies through the air, it will face zigzag pipes. These pipes require you to steer the spacecraft up and down continuously. You only have to be a good driver to be able to go through this pipe. Do you have great driving skills?

Gravity change

Your character not only slides and flies, it can also run in some levels. When this happens, the difficult thing is that the gravity changes. You need to change gravity quickly to avoid blocks that are too high that you cannot jump over. Changing gravity makes it possible for your character to switch between walking on the ground and the ceiling.

What is needed to conquer Geometry Dash Subzero

  • Control skills are essential. You need to know when to click the left mouse button to change the character's direction. Specify the distance and position of the geometry to be able to jump to the position you want. This process will only be allowed to take place for a few seconds.
  • In addition, the speed of the object is very fast and it also moves automatically. So you also need to react quickly. Just touch a second, your character will encounter deadly traps. Click fast but accurately!
  • The most necessary thing here is patience. No one can be successful on the first try. You can watch the guide videos on Youtube. These video creators have to spend a lot of time practicing. No pain no gain. You also should play many times to improve your skill gradually. After many failed attempts, you can definitely win this game.

Simple control

If you play this game on mobile devices, you just need to tap on the screen to play. If you play on the PC, click the mouse to jump or fly the geometry. What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy Geometry Dash Subzero.