Geometry Dash Unblocked

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Geometry Dash Unblocked requires gamers to go to the destination at the end of a road. Control a geometry to overcome roads with hundreds of deadly traps!

This game is probably very familiar to many players. This game has simple gameplay but you may spend hours to conquer this game. The graphics of this game are much worse than the 3D role-playing games. So, why is this game addicting to many streamers and pro gamers? We will explore some of the reasons below.

The original version of Geometry Dash series

The series of running games with geometry has never been out of date. In particular, the Geometry Dash series has many impressions on the hearts of players. Let's walk through the innovations of this series and the classic touches of the first version.

Geometry Dash series

Today, you can find millions of fanmade Geometry Dash copies. The variety of this series has also increased significantly. Each version will bring you different experiences. In the new parts, you can meet more new geometry characters. You can even choose them from the start. All of them are available for you to choose from. In addition, the background of the new versions is also meticulously designed. Instead of just using simple colors like the original, beautiful landscapes will be created in the new installments. In addition, interesting storylines will also be included in these new parts. These innovations will bring a new feeling to players.

Original version

These fanmade versions are all inspired by the original. People often say it's better to try the original version before playing the fan-made version. That's why we've brought Geometry Dash Unblocked to you. This is the first version of the Geometry Dash series. It will retain the classic features that you can't find in the new installments. This running game was first published in 2013 on Android and iPhone platforms. After receiving much positive feedback, this game was published on the Stream platform in 2014. Up to now, it has been able to run directly on browsers without downloading.

A chance to explore a special world

I am sure that you will be amazed to come to the world of geometry in this Geometry Dash Unblocked game. Everything is designed in a geometrical form. The main geometry you see in this game are squares, rectangles, and triangles.

Square and rectangular blocks

Your geometry won't just run on flat roads. There will be a lot of blocks appearing on the road. If your geometry hits them, it will be destroyed instantly. However, these blocks are not completely dangerous. You need to jump on blocks to ensure the safety of your character. The upper surface of the blocks will be a safe place to jump on. The blocks will combine to form the platforms on your way. Don't hesitate to jump on them.

Triangular spikes

If you wonder which is the most dangerous obstacle, it is the sharp thorns. Your character can't touch them if you don't want your geometry to be destroyed. In this game, jump over or avoid rectangular shapes by all means. These spikes are often the main cause of you having to start that game over.

Reach the end of the road in Geometry Dash Unblocked

This game will have a lot of levels with different challenges and terrain. If you want to overcome them, you must have excellent control skills and patience. The correct jumps will determine your victory. React and observe quickly to be able to grasp the situation.

Estimated jump

With that said, you'll mostly be jumping over obstacles along the way. So, you need to be sure of your every move. You need to know where you want to jump before you act. Your geometry moves non-stop. Thus, you only have a few seconds to see the next terrain. Decide quickly and jump correctly. Just one mistake, you may have to start the level from the beginning.

Use of aircraft

The special thing in this game is that your character can switch from running to flying. This will happen when the geometry passes through the portal. So when flying a plane, what do you need to pay attention to? Other than when jumping or running your geometry will no longer move on the ground. You need to keep it in mid-air. Try to dodge the spikes everywhere. They can appear above or below. Sometimes they will be in the air! Try to react as quickly as possible.

Challenging side mission

Can you guess the side quest in the game Geometry Dash Unblocked? Besides reaching the finish line, you also need to collect enough coins each round. Each round has only 3 giant coins. Surely they will appear in very dangerous positions. You need to wriggle around and be smart to get them. While doing this task, you also need to ensure the safety of your geometry. If you feel it is too dangerous to catch coins, you can ignore them. These coins are not required to pass the level. However, you will be cool if you can complete a level with all 3 coins. Good luck!

Difficulty levels in Geometry Dash Unblocked

As mentioned, the many levels in this game will be the main cause of your attraction. You will move on different terrains on each level. Not only will the background and location of the traps change, but some features of support items may also be different.

First levels

Perhaps you will find this game not too difficult when you pass the starting levels. The character's speed is not too fast and the obstacles on the road are not too many. The first levels will be suitable for beginners. You want to further improve your skills. These beginner levels will suit you. Here, you will become familiar with support items like springs and gravity mattresses. You will probably encounter them more on the more difficult levels. Speed will increase gradually with each level. After you have mastered the first levels, you can continue your journey to the higher levels.

Higher levels

After experiencing the first levels, you will notice a clear difference in these levels. In particular, the movement speed of the geometry will become amazingly fast. Some players said they felt dizzy having to manipulate such fast-moving geometry. I think this is a test of your agility and your eyes. In addition, the frequency of occurrence of obstacles will be more. You even feel them appear continuously along the way. Be quick to avoid them! Trust me, you don't have time to watch everything in these difficulty levels.

The uniqueness of this game

Not only the simple gameplay, but the uniqueness of this game also makes many people fascinated. Do you wonder what is unique in this Geometry Dash Unblocked game? Discover them with me!

The direction of geometry

In normal running games, the character will run from left to right. When starting, your character will also follow this rule. However, its direction may change at some levels. Your geometry can run, jump or fly from right to left. Sometimes it even moves above the ceiling instead of on the ground. These will cause difficulties for players. They may have trouble handling the situation. This redirection will take place after going through the portal. You need to be mentally prepared to deal with this problem.

Color graphics

Although this is a geometric world, the colors here are endlessly vibrant. Each level has a different color theme. The objects and blocks are also designed more vividly at higher levels. Eye-catching colors can make children love. These bright colors not only create aesthetic effects, but they will also make it difficult for players. Your geometric character will become small and sometimes you can't concentrate on it. In addition, these colors also make you easily lose focus. Can you face these problems?

Vibrant sound

Sound and sound effects in a game are extremely important. In this game, the sound will stimulate the winning spirit in you. With fun melodies, you can control your character to the rhythm. The sound effects following the movement of the geometry are also very impressive. These fun melodies are a way to cheer up the spirit of every player. Keep moving forward and don't stop.

Unlock new icons

The icon here is the geometric character that you control. You can change it according to the skin you like. Of course, you need to pass the levels to unlock these new icons. The more difficult the level, the more beautiful the icon. Many gamers have experienced all the icons in this game.

Play Geometry Dash Unblocked anywhere

With only one device connected to the Internet, this game can be played anywhere. Nowadays, there are many games blocked at all locations such as schools or offices. However, this will never happen when you play this game. So, you just need to ensure an Internet connection, you can enjoy this fun game with your friends or colleagues at school or office. This is the utility that many players love. You don't need to waste space to install this game on your device. Play directly on our website. The special thing is that your game data will be kept here. You can continue the level you were conquering yesterday. This is great, isn't it?

Practice your skills with this game

You think this game was created for entertainment purposes only. It's also a great way to hone your reflexes and estimating abilities. You always have to try to react quickly and solve every challenge in this game. In addition, when jumping, you also need to know a safe distance to jump. From there, your two skills will improve day by day. The more you play, the better your skills will be. So, if you have to go back to where you started, don't give up. Children can also play this game to enhance the above skills but they should play under adult supervision. Now you can have fun and practice your skills with this fun game at the same time.

Some tips and tricks for newbie

If you're new to this series, I'll give you some tips. They will help you to be able to complete all the rounds your adventures will become a little easier.

  • In some levels, you will have to face fearsome fire dragons. These dragons will move after you. After a while, they will spit fire in a straight line. When you see them not moving back and forth, you should avoid the line of fire that they will spit out.
  • There will be space portals that connect. As you pass them, you will appear at a nearby location. You have to avoid the obstacles right after.
  • Spring plates can jump high, but they can also put your geometry in jeopardy. For example, spikes appear on top and the repulsion of the springs will cause your geometry to crash into it.
  • For games that require concentration like this, you should play in full-screen mode. From there, you can see all obstacles more clearly. You can focus more on your goals.


This game is an online game to try. If you love it, you can share it with your friends. They will appreciate you. Attractive gameplay and many rich levels will help you reduce stress and boredom. You can even challenge your friend. Let's see who can finish the game the fastest. Don't forget to show off your achievements. You can also see who has more points. The further you move, the higher your score. If you want to find a game that both entertains and exercises skills, this game will be your perfect choice. Although there are no realistic 3D details, the colors of the background are also extremely vibrant and eye-catching. We hope you will love this exciting game and have the most relaxing moments. Take the Geometry Dash Unblocked rule and show it off to your friends.

Game control

Click the left mouse button to jump or fly the geometry.