Geometry Dash Meltdown

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Geometry Dash Meltdown is one of the popular versions in the Geometry Dash series. Each level is designed with different backgrounds and lots of creativity.

This game belongs to a famous game series and it was released on 19 December 2015. Many players consider that this game has many impressive music which are the songs of F-777. Believe me, three levels of music are really vibrant. It's better to listen to the game music and control the geometry at once.

The rules of this game

With simple gameplay, the games in the Geometry Dash series do not have too much difference in the rules of the game. You will have to jump through dangers in both the original Geometry Dash Unblocked and this game. This game requires each player to be quick and precise. You need to firmly grasp the position of the geometry to make reasonable jumps. Jump on blocks to get past them. As for spikes and saws, touching them will cause you to fail. Along the way, collecting the same coins is what you need to do. Just go to the end of the road, you can complete a map already. There isn't a checkpoint. Thus, you must replay the level at the start point if you collide with danger. I hope that you can know all the rules and can rule this hard game

Three maps in Geometry Dash Meltdown

This game has quite a few maps or levels. You will only need to complete 3 maps. Although this game has few maps, its graphics are quite outstanding compared to the previous versions. Now, we will learn more about these maps.

The seven seas

The name probably connects to where this map is set. You will be taken to seven seas where there are thousands of deadly traps. You will see variables below the blocks. These seas not only contain water, but you can also see spikes. They lie there just waiting for you to fall. You must always keep the character moving on the face or on the blocks. Monsters with wide mouths are stalking you underwater!

Viking Arena

If The seven seas take you to a watery area, this map will take you to the arena. You will feel like you are in a dark cave. The only light was from the torches on the cave walls. If you pay attention to the stars, this map is rated as 2 stars. This means it will be harder than the previous map. The obstacles on the map will also change a bit. Besides the familiar spikes, you will see saws in constant motion.

Airborne robots

This map will be more difficult than the previous two because it is rated 3 stars. In this map, you will meet scary monsters again. They are just waiting for you to fall into a trap. This is a robot world so you will see everything designed in a mechanical style. You will need to use both gravity plates and springs to be able to jump higher and farther.