Geometry Dash Ice Cave

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Experience the hard-running game

Geometry Dash Ice Cave is considered a worth-playing version created by Ketis. This game has the familiar gameplay but it still has its own characteristics.

The difficulty of this game is rated at Easy Demon level. For longtime players, this version shouldn't be too hard to get through. However, it will be quite challenging for beginners. Many people think that just clicking to play will make it easier to conquer the game. However, you have to experience it for yourself to get an overview of this game. You can also share with your friends about this game and ask their reviews about this game.

Three modes in Geometry Dash Ice Cave

If you can enjoy many levels in Geometry Dash Unblocked, you can only play one level here. However, this one level will give you 3 stages in this level. On the first stage, your character will slide on the ground. It will fly on stage 2 and continue to move on the ground on stage 3. Believe me, these stages won't let you down. You will have different emotions when enjoying them.

Move on the ground

In this first stage, your character is a cube and it will slide on the ground. The obstacles will not be many and the moderate speed will be suitable for warm-up. Jump on the spikes to avoid the chains of spikes below the road. Also, you need to be careful with springs that can fool you. Jumping on them can cause your character to be destroyed.

Fly a UFO

After passing through the space portal, your character will transform from a cube to pilot a UFO. This UFO cannot touch any blocks, columns, or spikes. Maybe this stage isn't as hard as other stages. When playing this game, I remember a classic game called Flappy Bird. Click repeatedly to keep it in the air. Be quick and accurate!

Turn into a cube again

After passing the second stage, your character will return to its cube form. Keep moving fast on the dangerous road. Still the same rules as the stage, you have to jump over the obstacles. The difference is that you need to react faster than the first stage.

Cool ice theme

The name of this game also shows the theme in it. Your character will be lost in an ice cave that is covered with white ice. Blue is the main color in this game to increase the coldness of the game. You can choose a character with a red skin to easily distinguish it from the blue background color. Think about it, if you choose the blue character, sometimes you can't locate it. You are still not familiar with the gameplay or terrain in this game, you can refer to some videos on Youtube. The best thing you can do is experience it yourself and draw your own experiences. You won't succeed after a few tries. It all takes patience from you. Come and enjoy the cold of winter now!