Parkour Block 5

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The appeal of Parkour Block 5

The mechanics of the game

Parkour Block 5 is an amusing arcade game where there are many challenging levels. Your task is to jump over the blocks without falling out and reach the exit.

Parkour is an extreme sport. If you are a professional parkour then you should not miss this game. The mechanics of the game are so exciting. You can join it to experience it.

The first-person perspective game will bring you interesting experiences. You will play as a pixel hero. To be able to complete the task, you need to jump through the blocks quickly and accurately. You have to be careful because if you fall out of blocks you will fall into lava. Lava will engulf your character. As a result, you cannot continue the game.

What's more, the first-person perspective also limits you. You have to constantly change the view to see the blocks and lava clearly. Carelessness can cost you your life. If you are brave enough, join this game. Your final task is to reach the exit portal to move to the next level. It is best if you can train your skills with Geometry Dash Meltdown.

Ways to control the character

The up arrow key to go forward.

The left arrow key to turn left.

The right arrow key to turn right.

The spacebar to jump.

The mouse to look around.

Some outstanding game modes in Parkour Block 5

The game offers two modes. You can choose one of them to join. Each mode has some outstanding features.

Speedrun mode

This mode requests you to reach the exit portal as soon as possible. You need to run or parkour fast to be able to complete your mission. This mode allows you to train your hand speed. Although speeding up parkour, you also need to ensure your character. Take caution when jumping over large gaps unless you will fall.

Hard mode

If you are a master, you can join this mode. It brings tough challenges. You will have to deal with many gaps and lava before you reach the exit. You may fail many times but you will learn many valuable lessons. You have more experience. Your skills have also improved significantly.