Geometry Dash Lite

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Take a speed test with this game

Geometry Dash Lite offers speed challenges for you. Be quick to jump over sharp spikes along the way. Can you overcome 13 levels in this game?

Speed games have always had a strange appeal. You do not drive a car or a motorbike to participate in this speed race. You will steer a geometry with a unique appearance. Although it has a small shape like a cube, its speed is amazing. Sometimes, you can't avoid the traps on the road in time due to the speed of the character. Are you confident with your reflexes? If yes, please join this game to prove it. If not, you can practice with this game.

Guide to play Geometry Dash Lite

You can skip this tutorial if you are a pro. If you've just started this game, keep an eye on what you need to do below. Believe me, you need to know the rules of any game before you can beat it. Remember the key to succeeding in this difficult game is agility and accuracy. With just one minute of neglect, you will lose the whole game.

Complete the levels

This game has 13 levels and each level will have mini stages in it. You'll know you've passed a mini stage when you go through the portal. I consider this game not too difficult for players with good control skills. You won't have to start over from the starting point if your geometry is destroyed. You will be able to continue the mini-stage that you have not conquered. This saves everyone more time and effort. When you complete all the levels, you have the rule of this speed game.

Collect the coins

This coin-collecting quest reminds me of Geometry Dash Unblocked where you also need to complete this quest. There are 3 main coins scattered along the way. Each level will have 3 coins and they can be in any mini stage. Therefore, you need to practice together to be able to catch them. If you don't collect enough coins, you will still pass the level. Therefore, you also can choose to just concentrate on completing the main mission. It's up to you as long as you feel happy.

Choose skins before entering the race

In the main menu, you click on the geometry icon to be able to change the skins for your geometry. Here, you will be surprised by the variety of skins. The special thing is that they are all available for you to choose from without having to buy them. You can even choose a spaceship for your character. This will make you excited and motivated to continue your journey in Geometry Dash Lite. Does this game make you satisfied? Do not forget to recommend this game to your friends and relatives. We appreciate your spread.

Game control

Click the left mouse button to jump and fly. With simple control, even children can also play this game during their break at their school. Have fun now!