Helix Jump

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The gameplay

Helix Jump brings exciting gameplay. The game requests you to rotate the helix tower, then the ball will fall through the gaps and obtain many scores.

The game gradually became popular around the world because of its attractive gameplay. You won't be able to stop playing the game. It will immerse you. You will try to break your own record through the plays, which is similar to Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush.

In the game, you will see a ball that is a helix tower. Under your support, the ball can pass the platforms on the towers. After you pass a platform, you will get a point. Make an effort to let your ball fall down. Then, you will get the highest scores as the best player.

In order for the ball to fall, you need to rotate the tower so that the ball falls through the gaps. Remember, you need to avoid colliding with the red platforms. They will make you lose instantly. On the contrary, the yellow background will be safe with your ball. Good luck!

Some tips to get higher scores

You need to use the mouse proficiently to be able to score many points. Hold and drag the left mouse button to rotate the tower. What's more, tower vortex speed control is so important. You need to rotate fast to pass the big red platforms. If facing small red platforms, you need to slow down the tower rotation so that you do not miss the gap.

Some highlights of Helix Jump

The power-up

On platforms, you will see blue and red arrows. You need to collect them. They will help you tear down multiple platforms at once. As a result, your ball can fall down faster. Then, your scores will increase significantly. Take caution so as not to crash into the red platforms.

The graphics and sounds

The game has pretty simple graphics. Not too many details. So you can focus on the gameplay. Although the graphics are simple, the sounds of the game are very entertaining. It motivates you. You can both relax and practice your skills through this game.