Penalty Shooters 2

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How to become the champion in Penalty Shooters 2

Score as many goals as possible

Penalty Shooters 2 is a highly attractive sports simulation game. You must try to score more goals than the opposing team and keep the sheet clean.

Are you a fan of football? If you are keen on this sport then you should not miss the game. Your first task is to become a good player. You will try to score. Each team will have 5 kicks. You need accurate aim to be able to score. You will be the winner if you score more goals. Try not to be an underdog.

After you win, you can move on to the next round. Compete fairly to be the champion in the game.

Keep the sheet clean

After the first shot, you will immediately become the goalkeeper. Your task is to keep the sheet clean. Block the opposing team's ball to prevent them from becoming the winner. If you make any mistakes, your team can become an underdog team. Pay attention to the target to be able to catch the ball in time. You must capture the ball at the right time unless you must stop the game. If you want to train your skills before joining this match, you can choose Geometry Dash Ice Cave.

Controls and tricks to win Penalty Shooters 2


You all use the mouse to play this game whether you are a player or goalkeeper. If you are a player, you will align the angle to be able to kick the ball correctly. You just need to wait for the arrow key to a point in the right direction, then you press the left mouse button to kick the ball. If you are the goalkeeper, you will click on the target when the ball is close to the goal. Try to catch the ball in time to be able to win.

Some tricks

In the game, you should improve your mouse speed. You need to click the left mouse button at the right time if you want to become the champion. If you are slower or faster, you will probably lose. In addition, you also need to observe carefully to be able to score or protect the goal.