Geometry Dash World

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Geometry Dash World was released after the success of the original version. In this game, you will still help the geometry go to the space portal.

Although the mission remains the same, you will also see the changes in this version. New sounds, colorful graphics, and new geometries will appear in this game. If you want to know more about this game, let's find out with me.

Compare Geometry Dash World and the first version

These two games are from the same manufacturer, RobTop Games. People often say they will be almost the same. However, when you test both of these games, you will have a different view of them.

The same points

Your main character is a geometry that you can change skins. The final destination is the space portal at the end of the path. In addition, crashing into obstacles is not allowed. The stages will increase in difficulty gradually over time. The obstacles in both games are also very similar but they will be arranged definitely differently in each game. You should come to the game and prove these points.

Points of difference

In Geometry Dash Unblocked, you can enjoy many levels. However, the second version only has 10 levels but it is well worth a try. Colorful geometric worlds with thousands of challenges are only for those with enough patience. In addition, you will not need to do the side quest of collecting 3 coins. In this game, you just try to reach the finish line without grabbing the coins. Naturally, the colors and sounds will be refreshed. The choice of geometric characters has also become richer.

Reach the finish line in this game

You need to go to the end of the path and through the space portal to get through a level. It sounds easy if you haven't experienced it yourself. You have to wriggle around, avoiding any death along the way.

Move non-stop

You won't have much time to come up with the perfect strategy or think about how to overcome the pitfalls. This is a fast reaction game so every action must be fast and accurate. Your geometry will move non-stop. So, if you stop, it will hit spikes or blocks. It will only take you about 30 seconds to complete a journey if you succeed in the first attempt. However, I think you can even spend hours playing it over and over again.

Keep your character safe

The mission is important but the character's safety is even more necessary. You won't be able to do anything if your geometry is destroyed. Deadly traps like spikes or sharp saw blades can destroy your character at any time. Stay aways from them. Always watch for incoming obstacles so you can stay away from them.

How to control

Your character can run and jump on the ground or it can also fly a spaceship. Whatever state it works in, you just need to use the mouse to control them. Click the left mouse button to jump or keep the character in the air. Good luck to you!