Impostor Vs Noob

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The thrilling battles in Impostor Vs Noob

Impostor Vs Noob is an intense shooting game. You have to shoot your enemies down to pass the challenging levels and become the best shooter.

You will transform into an impostor in the game. You are equipped with a cutting-edge gun. You will use it to take down your opponent, who are Noob characters. The number of Noob characters in each level varies. You can advance to the next level if you can eliminate all opponents from the playing field.

Besides, the background also causes a lot of difficulties for you. There are many high ground. They are like enemy shields. You need to have a smart strategy to overcome them. Are you ready to fight? Use your precision shooting ability to end this battle.

Controls the main character

Noob characters are fixed, so you only need to control the Impostor in the game character. If you have ever played Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush, you can control Impostor easily. You just need to use the mouse to aim. Then, you press the left mouse button to shoot. The game is suitable for all those who want to immerse the in exciting shooting games.

Some tricks to win in Impostor Vs Noob

Shoot the switches

In the game, there are a few wooden doors that are closed. You cannot kill opponents if not unlocked. You need to shoot at the switches to open these doors. Then, you can shoot down all enemies. Some levels will have a lot of switches. You can't tell which is the main switch. It will take you time to fire each switch one by one. It is one only way to unlock them and complete the level.

Take advantage of the TNT bins

TNT crates are extremely useful. You can eliminate many opponents if you hit these crates. They will explode and destroy all opponents. Take advantage of all of them to be able to complete the task quickly.