Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush

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Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush provides a deadly path for you. Thousands of traps and dangerous objects were designed on the road by TamaN. Can you overcome them?

Sudden bumps in Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush

Your character has the speed of a sports car on the F1 track. Its speed even increased on later roads. Therefore, collisions with obstacles on the road are inevitable.

Hit those sharp spikes

Just like Geometry Dash Unblocked, spikes are indispensable in this game. They are deadly obstacles that can destroy everything including your geometry. With just a light touch on them, your character will disappear. They will appear on the ground, in the air, or even bare. These spikes can form multiple chains on the ground or they will stand alone on platforms.

The edges of the platform

You will find there are many platforms that your character will jump on. They are not completely safe. Your characters are only safe when standing on them. If your character hits the edge of the platform, it will also be destroyed instantly.

Complete the journey in Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush

You can see your progress through the progress bar on the screen. It will be measured as a percentage. When it reaches 100%, you have won straight in this game. You will only be able to go from start to finish in one go. If your character disappears, you will start over.

Start from 1%-15%

At the level of 1-15%, you will see that the character's speed does not pass quickly. In addition, obstacles are not yet dense. New players will usually get through this stretch after a few tries. This is the road for you to get acquainted with the dangers later. Things will get more difficult later on.

Between 16-43%

This stretch is rated as medium difficulty. There are many portals only a very short distance from each other. They will change the character's state. After going through these portals, your character can run, slide. In addition, changing gravity will also appear in this game. The speed will be much faster than the road from 1-15%.

Finish from 44-100%

At this final stretch, the character will reach maximum speed. I felt a little dizzy while playing this part. Neon lights from platforms and objects make it hard to focus. In this segment, your character can run, slide, fly or fly an airplane. You have to fly through the narrow roads. Sometimes, your character will split into 2. You will have to control 2 objects at the same time.

Advice from professional gamers for you

  • Follow the direction arrows. Also, your character will move faster after going through speed arrows. To distinguish these two types of arrows, notice the circle surrounding them. If they don't have a circle around them, they are speed arrows. If there are 2 speed arrows close to each other, the character's speed will be doubled.
  • Do not try to collect coins when you can not guarantee the safety of the character. Many players try to catch the coins and fill the character in danger. If you don't have these coins, you can still complete your leg. Hope these tips help you to win the game Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush.