Coffee Master Idle

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Some exciting information about Coffee Master Idle

The game rules

Coffee Master Idle allows you to become an owner of many shops, especially coffee shops. Try your best to earn lots of money and expand your business.

In the game, you can own your own coffee shop. Your dream of becoming a shop owner will come true. The game requests you to serve customers to earn money. The better you serve, the more money you get. First, you need to bring coffee cups from the coffee machine to the cashier where customers are waiting to buy coffee. They will leave after receiving their coffee. Then, you will lose money. Finally, after your customer leaves, you need to clear the cups so that the next customers have seats. If you work hard, you will get tips. Try to work hard to be able to expand your store.

How to expand or open the shops

To be able to expand your store, you need to collect enough money to buy more tables and chairs. As a result, the number of customers will increase. Your income also increases significantly. You keep working until you have enough money to unlock another shop. New stores will be better. They will make you more money. You will become rich. In addition, if you are finding a fun game, do not miss Geometry Dash Subzero. Both of them will not make you disappointed.

Some features of Coffee Master Idle

The power-ups

To serve multiple customers, you need to use power-ups. They are speed shoes, scooters, etc. They will help your movement speed faster. Your customers won't have to wait too long to enjoy a wonderful cup. You need to use your money to buy them. Upgrade their level to be able to complete the mission. Let's join the game now to relax.

Some worker

If you feel overwhelmed, you can hire more staff. You can hire salespeople, service staff, and more. They will help you manage the coffee shop well. You can also boost them. Level up their capacity now. You can expand your business scale. In addition, you still need to directly manage your employees to work effectively.