Dumb Way To Die

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Some exciting situations in Dumb Way To Die

Dumb Way To Die is an attractive arcade game with countless funny situations. You must complete the requirements quickly to save fragile creatures.

The game brings a lot of situations and tasks for you. Each level will have different tasks. Use your intelligence and agility to complete the levels. Here are the first few levels.

Sewing wounds for creatures

It is said that the creatures in the game are extremely weak. They can die for any silly reason. So, your mission is to save them. A large wound appears on the screen, and you need to use a sewing needle to stitch it up before time runs out. Try to help your character survive. As a result, you will get a high score if you complete the task excellently. Good luck.

Find the killer

You will receive a line of instructions for moving the light bulb. You need to follow the request to find the killer who is hiding in the dark. Your time is also limited so you have to act fast to find the dangerous killer. If you can't find him, your creatures will lose a life. You only have three lives when playing this game. Take caution to win the game.

Save the aliens

Your creature will have a space trip. During the allotted time, you are not allowed to let any meteors or planets collide with the creatures unless you will lose. Get rid of them before they clamp your character. You need to create a safe space to protect your character. There are many other interesting quests. Let's enjoy them by joining the game.

Controls and tips to complete the Dumb Way To Die


You will use the left mouse button to play the game, which is similar to Geometry Dash Shred. You will receive new quests at new levels. So rely on the instructions and use the mouse to complete your task. Make efforts to become the winner.

Some tips

The mission has a time limit. Therefore, you need to complete them quickly. Practice regularly to increase your speed. Speed ​​and accuracy will directly impact your victory.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the instructions. They appear for a few seconds and disappear. Please read and follow the instructions if you want to win more points.