Geometry Dash Shred

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Geometry Dash Shred was created by TheRealRow and your mission is to avoid dangers along the way. This journey only stops when you can reach the finish line.

Play a new version of the Geometry Dash series

This series of games is no longer strange to gamers around the world. More and more new installments are released on different platforms. All of these are inspired by Geometry Dash Unblocked.

Some outstanding features

Today, I will introduce you to one of my favorite versions. It's the Geometry Dash Shred game where you can experience amazing effects. The theme colors in this game will probably switch constantly. Flickering light makes it harder to see obstacles. Also, there are some platforms and saws that can move and trap you. If in normal sessions you only see spikes or spikes, you will encounter spinning darts in this game. They are not for decoration. They can destroy your geometry with a single collision. These features also make this version more outstanding and unique.

The plot of this game

A cube character has been lost in a fearful world. The space of this murky world makes you even more nervous. What's scary, there's no life here. Just deadly traps all over the place. Our little character is trembling. You need to help it get out of this world. Let's go to the end of the road! To be able to complete the mission, you must race the character to overcome many terrains such as mountains, caves or seas. Are you ready to help the poor cube?

How to play Geometry Dash Shred

Now, I will introduce the rules of this game. The key to being able to win in this game is agility and accuracy. As long as you meet these two conditions, you have 90% of the winnings. Of course, the remaining 10% is due to your hard work. Even the most professional players have to spend a lot of time to conquer this game. If your character has a cube shape, you will help it jump over the columns and obstacles on the way. Use springs or pegs to support your journey. If your character is piloting a spaceship, keep it in the air at all times. Of course, if you hit anything, the spaceship will explode immediately.

Your character's ability

  • Your character can change gravity. It can move on the ground or move on the ceiling after changing gravity. To be able to do this well, you have to practice a lot.
  • The size of the character can also be changed after going through the portal. It can turn small or large. In my opinion, characters with small sizes are more difficult to control.
  • When using gravity arrows, your character can move a long distance without jumping on blocks.
  • Your character can change its modes. It can turn into a cube, fly a UFO or a robot with legs. You can see all these modes while it is moving on the road. You must be quick to solve all situations of each mode. I hope you will like this hard game.