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The new life in Bitlife

Some information about the character

Bitlife is a fantastic simulation game for everyone. If you want to make a new life you love, you can join the game and develop your character.

You will start a new life as a boy named Kyle Phillips. The boy lives in New York, United States. You will start over with Kyle's big process. So you can completely live the life you want in this game. You will not be limited by anything. The game will help you have more interesting experiences. Whether Kyle's big journey or your own is full of big thoughts. Any life is worth cherishing. So if you love this simulation game then click to play the game now. In addition, Geometry Dash Shred also offers an exciting game. You can participate in when you done.

Develop your character

Kyle's growth is recorded on the presentation screen. Every time you press the Add Age button, Kyle grows bigger. He will have many other interesting activities. It seems like this is the new life you've been waiting for. You can have more different activities as Kyle's age increases. You are the person who directly increased Kyle's age. Come on, happy birthday to him.

Some features of Bitlife


When Kyle is grown, he can have his own property. Any property can be selected. What do you think about supercars or luxury cars? They are available in the shop. You can choose any car you like. In addition, Kyle can also own a large house when he is an adult.


Initially, Kyle's relationship was with his parents. After that, Kyle will have more siblings. Next, the pets will become part of Kyle's family. Kyle will be expanding his relationship soon. He will have more friends and girlfriends. After this, Kyle will have a small family.


There are many activities in this game. However, they can only be opened when Kyle is old enough to join them. When Kyle was young, he could visit the doctor. When he gets older, he can join Horse Race, move to other countries, sue someone, or visit casinos.