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The mechanics of Bally

Bally allows you to experience extremely unique gameplay. You need direction and force for the ball to reach the exit hole on the playing field.

The game offers attractive gameplay. Your task is to navigate the ball so that it can reach the hole. You will drag the left mouse button to aim. Then, you can adjust the force of the ball by holding the left mouse button. Release the left mouse button to shoot it. The ball will go in the direction you want.

Although the gameplay is quite simple, you will face quite a few challenges. First, on the playing field, there are many platforms. We set the barrier for you. When your ball hits these platforms, it will be pushed away. Therefore, it is difficult to reach the hole. If you have any strategies, use them. In addition, you will probably fail many times before completing the task. However, don't worry too much. You have to navigate the ball many times. You will get three stars if you complete the mission with the least number of shots.

Finally, the ways closed gates prevent you from succeeding. You must control the ball so it can reach the keys. Then, you can use them to unlock the portals. After finishing, you can move to Geometry Dash Asterose. Good luck!

Some strategies to win in Bally

Avoid the fake holes

In the game, there will be some fake pits. They are made to trick you. You need to avoid them to save time. The fake pits will bring you back to where you started. Therefore, you need to be careful not to collide with them. Fake pits will not have a white circle on the outside. You must reach the hole with the white circle.

Use the light force to navigate the ball

If you use too much force, the ball will hit the platforms and bounce to other places. They will take you more time to adjust to the old position. You should use lighter force so that the ball moves slowly. Then you can navigate the ball easily. Apply these tips to win.