Us Army Car Transport Truck

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The overview of Us Army Car Transport Truck

The gameplay

Us Army Car Transport Truck brings lots of exciting missions. The game requests you to complete the level in turn, and then unlock the new categories.

The game has interesting missions. You will control your car to complete them. If you can complete the task excellently, you can get three stars. They are the ultimate reward for you. If you only get one star, you should replay the level. Try to get three stars. They are your motivation to keep trying.

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Controls the car

To control your car, you can use the arrow key or the WASD. You can accelerate by pressing the W or up arrow key. In addition, you can press the S or down arrow key to decelerate or go back. Let's turn left or right with the left and right arrow keys. Have fun.

Some categories in Us Army Car Transport Truck

Transport mode

In the first mode, you will control the car to be able to park in the lot. You need to align the position correctly. Then, your car needs to be moved into the car transporters. If you complete the mission without the car flipping, you will win. The number of your vehicles will increase after each level.

Off Road mode

This mode allows you to control the supercar and explore the terrain. You can drive anywhere. Your driving ability has also improved. This is a very interesting game mode. Do not miss it if you are looking for an exciting running game.

Simulation mode

To join this mode, you need to unlock two previous modes. You can join as a driver in this mode. Your mission in this mode is so excellent. You can join and experience it. You can invite your friends to play the game. Compete fairly to win.