Truck Trials

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Some exciting tasks in Truck Trials

Truck Trials features a challenging jungle track. To cross the finish line without flipping over the vehicle, you must show your skillful driving.

Collect three bags

In order to finish the level, you must also gather the necessary money bag. There are three money bags on the track. To win, you must collect everything. You also obtain three stars if you can get all the money bags. These bags are frequently left in hazardous areas. Consequently, you must be more cautious when attempting to collect them. You should be careful to complete the level.

Reach the finish line

If you want to move to the following level, you must reach the finish line. You will control your truck across the bumpy road. There are many outcrops and slopes. They can cause your truck to overturn. Let's lean the truck for balance. Additionally, you have to go through them really fast to save energy. Your energy is limited. You must reach the finish line before your truck runs out of energy.

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The up arrow key to go forward.

The down arrow key to go back.

The left arrow key to lean backward.

The right arrow key to lean forward.

Purchase some remarkable trucks in Truck Trials

There are up to 6 super trucks. You need to overcome the required levels to unlock them. When you own new trucks, you can get more money and gas. New cars will help you conquer this fascinating road. You should unlock all of them. Come on and experience the fierce race. It is best if you can join with your friends. Comtepe each other to become the champion.