Stick Run

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Enjoy the outstanding modes in Stick Run

Stick Run is an appealing running game with runs in a new world. Control your stickman to run as far as without falling out to get the highest scores.

Like Geometry Dash Meltdown, the game is suitable for all those who love running games. You can join it and show your abilities.

The Explore mode

You can join this mode for fun. This first mode offers a lot of levels. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. How many levels can you pass in this game?

When controlling your character, you will use the right and left arrow buttons to navigate the character. Your character can run on any surface of the tunnel which is floating in space. Thanks to the rotation of the tunnel, you can avoid gaps. If your character falls off the race track, you will have to replay the level. Try your best to overcome as many levels as possible. Then, your score will increase significantly.

Besides, after unlocking the required levels, you can unlock the new track. Desert, city, and sea tracks are waiting for you. Unlock them and keep conquering the track.

The Infinity mode

In this mode, there will not be any levels. You will conquer the endless track. You must avoid gaps. In addition, there are a lot of unstable bricks. They will collapse as soon as your character passes. You need to be careful not to get caught in the trap. In addition, the character's speed will change. The stickman will run fast, which forces you to control your character skillfully and quickly to win.

The game is suitable for practice. You should join it to be able to play the game more proficiently.

The highlights of Stick Run

The characters in the shop

After success, you will receive a large amount of gold coins. You can use them to unlock new characters. The new stickmen have much better properties. Their appearance is also more eye-catching. You can choose them to make the run more attractive. You should accumulate as many gold coins as possible because you need at least 700 coins to unlock them.

The leaderboard

Do you want to be ranked high? If you want to be ranked high, you need to have an impressive score. Your score after each turn will be recorded. You need to break your record and then, continue removing the others. If you can be ranked at the top, you are the best player in the game.