Run Rich 3D

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The exciting track in Run Rich 3D

The mission of the game

Run Rich 3D offers a new path with lots of challenges for you. Control your character to become a rich person and avoid bad items which can reduce your money.

Your character is just an ordinary person. Joining this path is the only way she can change her life. However, it can also make him regret his mistakes. Are you ready to support your character to join the game?

Your task is to help her cross this road safely. When she can reach the finish line, your mission is completed. In addition, when running, you also focus on the track. You can change her life, or you can make her miserable. Your every action directly affects the character's life. Therefore, you need to choose good items. You should avoid bad items so that your character has a better life.

Navigate the character

You will use the mouse to control your character. You need to drag the mouse to navigate her. You should be careful unless your character will fall into the water. Let's run in the middle of the track to ensure your character is safe.

Some items on the track

The good items

You are creating countless opportunities for you to become a rich person. Can you complete your quest while running on the track? To have a better life, you need to collect good items like books, clothes, and food. Your character will have a good life if she is educated and has enough food to survive. Also, if she works hard, she will get a lot of money. Before reaching the destination, try to help her fulfill her dream of becoming rich.

The bad items

However, on the track, there are also many temptations. They are alcohol, casinos, cigarettes, etc. They will make your character poor. Therefore, you need to avoid them. If you collect them, the money you have will decrease. Then, you will run out of money. You should come up with a wise choice.

Some tips to overcome Run Rich 3D

After you have a lot of money, you can upgrade your character. You can choose health, speed so that the character has better friends. If there is more health, the character can travel longer distances. Moreover, your character should go in the middle of the road. This is the best way for you to avoid bad items without falling out in time. The game also has a large number of challenges. If you love running games like Geometry Dash Ice Cave, the game is released for you.