Kick The Buddy

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How to earn coins in Kick The Buddy

Kick The Buddy is a fun game to help you relieve stress. You can earn gold coins by using weapons to kick your character and unlock other weapons.

If you are feeling bored or depressed, you can join this game. With different gameplay, the game is suitable for all.

Initially, when joining the game, you will find the game a bit violent when your main task is to attack Buddy who is a doll. However, your feeling will gradually change as you play the game long enough. It will give you relief. Your negative emotions will gradually disappear. So, games have a positive effect on your mood.

You will use the available weapons to be able to attack Buddy. You will earn a lot of gold if you make the character have a lot of wounds. Let's accumulate the gold coins you have to be able to use them better.

Some kinds of weapons in the game


The knife is the only weapon available. You will use them to be able to kick your character. Throw knives at Buddy to get gold coins. You will get a gold coin if you hit a knife. Throw more knives to get more coins. Using a knife to attack Buddy allows you to increase your tapping speed.

The guns

The game has many different types of guns. You must accumulate at least 1000+ coins to lock the first gun. The following guns will be more expensive. So, let's try to earn as many gold coins as possible. These guns have great features. You can shoot automatically for a short time. In addition, using guns also helps you get more gold coins.

Customize the Kick The Buddy

Geometry Dash Offline offers a lot of characters while this game allows you to customize your character to make the game more exciting. The Buddy character will become more eye-catching if it has items such as hats, glasses, headphones, belts, etc. Use your coins to buy them. Can you buy all of them?