Jelly Merger 1

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Some exciting missions of Jelly Merger 1

Arrange the positions of jellies

Jelly Merger 1 brings exclusive gameplay with many jellies. To complete the level, you must get a lot of money by using the jellies to block the bullets.

In the game, you will see a lot of cute jellies. You will have a certain amount of money to be able to buy jellies. If you want more money to buy other jellies, you need to block the bullets fired from the cannon. Every time jellies block a bullet, you will receive a certain amount. The bullets will become smaller after colliding with the jellies. However, you can also block small bullets to get more points. Let's move the position of the available jellies on the playing field. It is best if you can come up with the best tactics. Like Geometry Dash Lite, the game also requires you to have great skills to pass the level. If you are new to the game, you need to practice hard so as not to miss the chance to win.

Merge the jellies

After you have a lot of money and buy a lot of jellies, you can merge them. Let's merge similar jellies to create more awesome jellies. Great jellies will help you get more money. Your money will increase significantly. So, merge as many similar jellies as you can.

Some tactics to win in Jelly Merger 1

Place multiple jellies on the playing field

As you know, smaller bullets that are split from the first bullet can also make you money. You can place multiple jellies on the playing field to block them. They will bring in less money. However, if you work hard to accumulate them, you will have a large amount of money. Do not miss them if you want to move to the following levels. It is best if you can put a lot of jellies on the playing field.

Put the best jellies opposite the cannon

If you get the best jellies, you should place them opposite the cannon. Where the cannon is sure to shoot bullets. Your money will increase tenfold. You can make more than 1k if you apply this strategy. Behind the best jellies, you should put more jellies to block smaller bullets.