Cowboy Run

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Cowboy Run is where you put on your sheriff's badge and dispense justice every step of the way. Criminals may lurk in the dark, but under your watch, the town is still safe. Tighten your shoe laces, put on your badge and prepare for an exciting long run.

Wild West Marathon

There's no time to mount your trusty steed because the town is under siege, and the only thing you can do is get on the run. The goal is simple: keep your cowboy running, defeating enemies and dodging obstacles for as long as possible. The controls are easy, ensuring you can focus on your thrilling pursuit of justice. Use the UP ARROW KEY to gracefully jump over obstacles, while the SPACE KEY turns you into a sniper, shooting to kill enemies. The sheriff's journey is full of challenges. There are only three lives, each collision with an object or enemy will drain your health. Keep a watchful eye in the upper left corner to keep an eye on your health points. Ammo is a valuable resource, but you can replenish it by stealing ammo crates along the way.

Features, Developer and Release Date

Cowboy Run graced the gaming world on May 31, 2019 with its captivating 2D graphics and addictive gameplay. Encounter various opponents, raise your score by eliminating enemies and collecting coins, showing the town that you are its steadfast defender. If Cowboy Run stirs your adventurous spirit, prepare yourself in Banana Running, another thrilling title in our diverse collection. Saddle up, sheriff it's time to run!