City Car Parking 3D

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The challenges in City Car Parking 3D

City Car Parking 3D is a fantastic driving game. In the game, you can control your car to speed up or drift to earn money while avoiding crashing into others.

Have you ever driven at high speed in the city? If in real life you are not allowed to do that, you can join this game to immerse yourself in your passion. For a lover of high speed, the game is released for you.

You will drive around this city. You can go fast or go slow. You can drift to show your skills. It is said that the game lets you do anything. You can also make a lot of money from your passion for driving. You must try to collect a lot of money before your fuel runs out.

Furthermore, you are not allowed to crash into other vehicles. You will have to stop your performance if any accidents happen. You have to dodge to not collide with them. Try your best to win.

Some tactics to get money

The first tactic is to go in the middle of the path. You can avoid the sidewalk or other cars. You can also reduce many risks. Next, you need to train your skills to drive better. You can learn many lessons from your own mistakes. So all efforts are appreciated. Finally, you can upgrade your car to be able to conquer this track. Use the money you earn to exchange for a better car.

Some traits of City Car Parking 3D

The endless track

The game offers an endless track, which is similar to Geometry Dash Bloodbath. Try to go as far as possible to get as much money. You will have to stop the game if you crash into other cars on the road. How much money can you earn? Can you break your own record?

Customize the car

There are eight basic car colors. You can choose one of them to make your car more attractive. In addition, you can adjust the front camber wheel or the back camber wheels. It is best if you select the best wheels. The wheels are so important. They are important factors affecting your victory. What's more, spoiler models can be exchanged. Finally, let's choose other decals to decorate your car.